Driving hunting fox in Bogesund 2013

Place: Bogesund, Vaxholm, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.41233, Lon: 18.23497
Time: 1 day in March

The annual Driving hunt (Klappjakt in Swedish) in Bogesund is always a nice arrangement. For many of us this is a good way to end the hunting season. Today's lovely spring sun gives us a beautiful and refreshing day in the woods; -6°C (+21°F) and a blue sky. It doesn't take long before a fox is laid down and this is of course the main topic around the lunch fire. The hunting form Klappjakt is often a very social hunt as the arrangement need a lot of participants. By the end of the day we have seen four foxes in total and a lot of roe deer. There was also a lot of wild boar traces on the land. Thank you for a beautiful day.

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