Slottsparken and Pildammsparken in Malmö

Place: Slottsparken and Pildammsparken, Malmö, Sverige
Coordinates: Lat: 55.60057, Lon: 12.98897 (Slotts.). Lat: 55.59107, Lon: 12.99202 (Pildamms.)
Time: 1 day in February

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city situated in the country's southern part. The central part of Malmö have three big city parks. Today me and Sonia visit two of these as a relaxing hike. In the year of 1900 the 21 hectare park of Slottsparken (The Castle Park) was finished and became Malmö's first official city park. The park designer was Edvard Glæsel who was inspired by Central Park in New York. Nearby the Slottsparken you can find Västra hamnen (The Western Harbour) that offers a magnificent view of Öresund. Erik Erstad-Jørgensen and Erik Bülow-Hübe helped shape Pildammsparken (The Willow Pond Park) during the years 1914-1926. Pildammsparken is Malmö's largest park by its 45 hectare. I think it's important to cherish these beautiful small oasis in our cities. We truly need them for nice walks like this to calm our modern busy souls. This was a good, beautiful and refreshing walk for me and my little Sonia.

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