Some advice on gear

There's a lot of fun gadgets you can bring along on your trips. Problem is that this might turn an inspiering hike into a logistic nightmare. To get the moust out of my trips I plan my adventures by putting together a packing list containing the stuff I think I'll need bringing. Then I try to scratch as much as possible off that list cous there's always some stuff that is not needed. Truout the years my lists has gotten shorter and shorter as trips goes by. It's also fun to challenge yourself to se how short the list can get without spoiling the experiance of the trip.

When out hiking I often use a backpack. For one day only trips I use a 30 litre size backpack (Daypack). For trips lasting over the weekend I use a 70 litre backpack (Weekendpack). On the trips longer than that I usually use a 100 litre backpack (Weekpack). If I know I'll be moving in humid areas I start off my packing by applying a big plastic garbage bag inside the sack. This helps keeping my stuff dry and the bag also can turn your backpack into a good floating device when advancing in water. Change of clothes, matches, paper and food I put in a separate drybag inside the backpack. My advice is also to always store your drinking water and other fluids outside the areas of the backpack you want to keep dry. Sooner or later the fluids will leek and then you don't want it to get inside the plastic bag or the drybag. If you ever have tryed drying a sleeping bag you know what I mean. HERE you'll find more tips on clothing.

When kayaking or canoeing you often have the possibility to bring more stuff along inside the boat. I then like using different drybags inside the compartments to be sure to keep stuff dry. Another good thing with the bags is their ability to adept to the shape of the compartment. This gives an efficient storage. The bags are also easy to fixate by using straps. HERE you'll find more tips on packing your canoe.

Always remember placing the stuff you need most frequent on top for easy access. Also always have a garbage bag at hand to collect the trash you and your buddy's produce. Have a nice trip.

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