Spring is here with curious visitors and new changes

A new record in number of visitors
It's a great felling to welcome the spring sun. February has come to an end and what a month it was; Jonas Vildmark has never had so many blog visitors. Thank You for your curiosity! I hope this is a sign showing that we are getting more and more interested in outdoor experiences and the environment.

Merging of Jonas Vildmark and Knives - Tools & Art
Spring time always come with a touch of change. You can also see this here on Jonas Vildmark. I'm happy to now announce the merging of Jonas Vildmark and Knives - Tools & Art. This means that you can find them both here in the same portal.

Jonas Vildmark goes global
On request Jonas Vildmark now is offered both in Swedish and English. As of now all new posts are written in both languages, and all old posts will gradually be translated. This also goes for all Knives - Tools & Art post that until now only been available in English.

The Wilderness fair
A great way to start the spring is to visit the Wilderness Fair in Älvsjö Sweden. The fair starts this week and you can meet me and my little Sonia there on Friday. Feel free to contact me if you want to meet up there.

Have a nice day
Kind regards

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