Föräldrar & Barn - No.5, 2013

My absolute favorite magazine handling the subject of becoming a family is the Swedish magazine Föräldrar & Barn (Parents & Children). This is an interesting and good looking magazine that addresses the hole family in an inspiring way. Therefore I'm very glad that Föräldrar & Barn want to cover the stuff my little Sonia and I'm up to out in the great outdoors. In the latest issue of the magazine (No 5, 2013) you can read about how to challenge your child and yourself to outdoor activities in a playful way. You can also see a bunch of my outdoor photos.
By clicking HERE you'll be able to view a electronic version of the articles Naturlängtan (Longing for Nature) and Var inte rädd att prova nya saker (Don't be Affraid of Trying New Things).
As a reader of Föräldrar & Barn you'll be able to follow Sonia and me in future issues of the magazine. We wish you inspiring Reading during the coming year.

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