Backpack Aether 70 from Osprey

Volyme: 70 liters
Weight: 2140 g (according to producer)
Price: 2 200 SEK (Sweden 2013)
Plus: High quality, Robust, Comfortable
Minus: A couple too few small zipper pockets

When I'm heading out for a couple of days I usually bring what I call a Weekendpack; a backpack holding around 70 liters. Osprey Aether 70 falls into this category nicely. I've been using the Aether 70 for some months now and I'm very pleased with it. My erlyer experiences with Osprey's products has been with the Poco Premium Child Carrier which has given me many inspiring kilometers in the great outdoors. The Aether 70's carry system consists of a light weight frame with robust, comfortable and easy to adjust harness and hip belt. You can't adjust the carry system in relation to the sack. Instead Osprey offer the backpacks in different sizes. The Aether series is offered in three different models (60, 70 and 85) and these you can get in four different sizes (S, M, L and XL) to fit our different backs. My tips to you is to try out your backpack for a perfect fit. The carry system's effective hip belt is equipped with two smaller zipper pockets for stuff like keys, cellphone and compact camera. The shape of the belt is possible to reshape, using a heat oven at your dealer's, for a custom fit. Personally I haven't done this as I like the original fit. Between the carry system and the sack a pocket is situated for mounting a hydration system (optional). The Aether's biggest compartment is accessed through three different pockets; the main top opening and two access zippers. I really like the big zipper that allows easy acces to all the gear inside the main compartment. When needed you can divide the main compartment into two compartments allowing you to perhaps store your sleeping bag in the lover compartment. On the outside of the bag you have elastic pockets without zippers for stowing for instance sandals, rain jacket and water bottle. The top lid of the pack can be removed and used as a hip bag offering two zipper pockets. The Aether 70 is equipped with effective compression straps for jarning down on the filled pack or just making it smaller in situations when you don't need all the 70 liters. Outside the pack you also find several smart attachment possibilitys for gear like sleeping roll, ice hatchets, sled, ski poles and add-on bags. Aether 70 is offered in three different colors and in Europe the bag comes with a removable rain cover.

I really appreciate this backpack's high quality. The bag is robust yet slim and feels great on my back. The choice of material is good and some nice ideas has been put into the Aether's design. If I have to think of something to wish for I'd say a couple more small zipper pockets on the bag wouldn't hurt. Check out the Osprey website for more detailed specs. I've had a number of Weekendpacks
throughout the years, you can read about some of them here on Jonas Vildmark, but now my favorite in this category is the Osprey Aether 70. Looking forward to further adventures together with my Aether and getting back to this post for updates. Also check out my Advice on Gear.

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