Elmia Game Fair 2013

Place: The Elmia Fair, Jönköping, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 57.78849, Lon: 14.22798
Time: 3 days in May

After a good night's sleep on the back of my pickup truck by the lake Vättern it's time to take on the Elmia Game Fair 2013. This is my first time here and I'm expecting a nice mixture of happy faces, interesting lectures and inspiring gear. My old Primus stove has just filled my bottle with hot coffee and my comfy shoes are on, so let's do this!

Besides dog shows, test shooting, trick shoot shows and great fishing stories the exhibition also offer a number of interesting presentations regarding hunting; Mikael Tham talked about the growing Swedish Wild boar population. He stressed the importance of well organised hunting communities to maintain the wild life balance. Mikael made comparisons with Germany and their problems with their large wild boar population. Thomas Ekberg tyred looking into the future and talked about what he wish for in tomorrow's hunting. Unfortunately Thomas was worried that the infected debate on wolfs in Sweden is jeopardizing a creative and reasonable balance between Man and Predator in the countryside. Thomas hoped for a cooperation between hunting unions to spread correct information. This could help give a more balanced picture of the predators to the politicians and the media. Rasmus Boström sheared his experience in bear hunting. A couple of his tips was to be a flexible hunter and keep your gun and shooting skills in shape, cos bear hunting is action hunting!

Some other highlights on the fair was; Promoteq showing their new first aid kit for hunters, flash lights from Fenix and some new stuff from Benchmade. Karesuandokniven told me about their new projects. Wetterlings had brought their nice axes to the exhibition. Always nice to visit Mora of Sweden's stand. At Fondprodukter's stand I found some interesting news from Buck, and Stabilotherm AB offered a nice chat about their nice blades. As you know I'm an edge lover so I hope I'll be able to get back to you regarding the above products for some testing and reviews later on here on Jonas Vildmark's Knives - Tools & Art.

Elmia Game Fair 2013 was a really nice event. I got to meet some good old friends and I also found some new acquaintances. I hope you got just as inspired as me now looking forward to the upcoming hunting season and outdoor adventures.

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