Snowshoes from Jula



Foto: G. Denstedt

Size: 715 x 215 mm
Price: 399 SEK
Plus: Good price
Minus: A bit fragile plastic details
In 2010 I got these snowshoes from Jula. At that time this was the cheapest snowshoes I could find on the market. Today (three years later) there's offered a wider range of low price snowshoe products on the market. I've tested these snowshoes during a 20 km hike in rough terrain and -20°
C (-4°F). The shoes gets the job done quite well, especially regarding their low price. The full-rotation bindings holds the shoes nicely in place and allows the heal to lift from the frame in each step. This combined with good spikes underneath the frame gives a  comfortable walk. Unfortunately I've noticed a small crack on one of the binding's plastic locks. Let's hope it doesn't brake.With the right conditions snowshoe walking is really a great way of exploring the lovely winter landscape. During winter hikes I keep the snowshoes strapped on my backpack within easy reach to facilitate a pleasant adventure. Today Jula no longer have this exact product in stock. Instead they offer the Kayoba Snowshoe.

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