Dalby Söderskog National Park

Place: Dalby Söderskog, Lund, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 55.67545, Lon: 13.33061
Time: 1 day in May

After a pleasant stay in Skrylle Nature Reserve Sonia and I takes the opportunity to also visit Dalby Söderskog (Dalby Southern Forest) just around the corner. After a short 3 km hike along the asphalt road we enter the Dalby Forest... Wow! this is like a magical jungle. I really recommend you to visit Dalby Söderskog when ever you're in the neighborhood. This area is 37 ha big and consists of  broad-leaved trees. In this old forest interesting insects and other wildlife flourish. A wide foot-bridge made of oak takes us around the park in a nice way. Although there's a couple of stairs we manage well with our wagon. Dalby Söderskog National Park was founded back in 1918 and became Skånes first national park. Since then the forest has been left to developed on it's own to give this beautiful environment. An impressed Sonia counts the tree rings of the majestic logs by the trail . It's amazing to be able to peacefully enjoy the history of a place like this. Underneath the roof top of the forest the ripple of small creeks contribute to the exotic humidity along the trail.. Dalby Söderskog is truly a treasure just waiting for us to enjoy, just about half an hour by Bus 159 from the centre of Lund.

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