Jumpsuit Seafarer

Size: 42L
Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
Price: 500 SEK (Sweden 2013)
Plus: Durable
Minus: No zippers on pockets

My forest suit is a modified Navy jumpsuit produced in 1999. It's the American Navy's Seagoing Uniform Corp. that produces this overall called Seafarer. It's made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The garment is specified according to the standard MIL-C-87000B and produced under the certificate 5P5-001240-119-01. Originally this classical suit commes with six pockets without zippers. Only the main opening is equipped with a long brass zipper from Talon. The modifications I made to the jumpsuit is the added hood and casing on the bottom of the legs. On the right I've added a strap to fix my knife in the right hip pocket, the left hip pocket usualy contain some dry tinder, left chest pocket holds my fire steel and usually I attach my drinking bottle in one of the belt eyes. ID-card and any other plastic I keep in my right chest pocket and the map fits nicely in one of the back pockets. The hood is great to cover up your head and face when the sun, the cold or the mosquitoes get too ambitious. If you're as lucky as I am you can find one of these robust jumpsuits on the second hand market. I'm happy I found this one in mint condition for a reasonable price.

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