Lejon Boots

Size: 43
Material: Galon, polyester and plastic
Prize: 300 SEK (Sweden 2003)
Plus: Light
Minus: Stiff and slippery when cold

These boots I found on a sale several years ago. The price was so tempting so they Went into my shopping cart. It was in the winter time and the first time I tested them outside the could made the boot's material very stiff and the soul slippery. Therefor the boot ended up way back in my closet. It wasn't until some years later I found them on my way out hunting moose. This time there were no snow and the shoes worked better. These medium high boots feels almost like a pair of training shoes cos of their weight and softness. The synthetic material is wind and water resistant and works just fine in the non-winter season. This is obviously no premium product but I still keep these boots in the back of my closet.

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