Preparing for JVMS 6, 60, 60 - Midsummer Survival

It's now one week left before my survival adventure; JVMS 6, 60, 60 - Midsummer SurvivalJonas Vildmark's Method for Survival Training (JVMS) is my own method that I now for the first time test this Midsummer. During 60 hours I'll take a 60 km long hike just using 6 objects. It'll be interesting to see if I need to audit the method after this weekend. I'm really glad for the attention my little adventure has drawn in magazines and social medias. I've gotten a lot of good advises, developing questions and inspiring words from many of you on different web forums, thanks for that! Now my preparations are done and I just need to await an exiting Midsummer.

As I've already mentioned; this survival training will take place during 2,5 days (60 hours) this midsummer weekend. I'll start Friday 21th of June at 9:00 am and finish Sunday 23rd of June at 9:00 pm. According to JVMS I must be out at least for 60 hours. We'll see how well I'll manage this time line.

As this is the first time I test my method, and as I'm doing it all alone, I've chosen to execute the training in the outdoors of mid-Sweden; Roslagen. There I'll be relatively close to civilization which is reassuring if I find myself in need of help in case of an emergency. Start off point and finishing point are the same as I've chosen to hike in a circle. This way I don't need transportation in between points. A JVMS 6, 60, 60 demands a movement of at least 60 km and this time I'll hike throughout a terrain consisting of forests, fields and lakes. I'll bring a smart phone for documentation and will use it's GPS application to confirm the route after getting back home.

On a JVMS 6, 60, 60 you're just allowed to bring six objects. You can read more about the definitions HERE. The six objects I've chosen for this JVMS are:

1. Jumpsuit (Seafarer, 65% polyester 35% cotton)
2. Boots (Lejon, synthetic)
3. Map (Gröna kartan)
4. Water bottle (Primus Wide Mouth, stainless steel, 1000 ml)
5. Fire steel (Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0)
6. Knife (Fällkniven F1z)

The six objects

Earlier I was thinking of replacing one of the six objects above with a compass. But I think I'll manage just fine with the sun and the map for navigation, underwear and compass get to stay at home. For safety reasons I'll bring a safety kit containing; a first aid bandage, a cellphone and a C-A-T. These object is only to be used if and when in danger. To be able to record my adventure and keep you updated I'm also bringing a camera and a smart phone.

Follow Me
I will execute this training, JVMS 6, 60, 60 - Midsummer Survival, on my one. But I hope You'll follow me on the Web. Soon I'll be shearing my experience from this JVMS in a post here on the blog, but meanwhile you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. There I'll be posting live from this adventure. If you don't have Facebook or Twitter you can follow me in the news box here on the blog up in the right corner.

I'm looking forward to a peaceful challenge in the beautiful Swedish Midsummer night. All feedback from you are welcome prior, during and after JVMS 6, 60, 60 - Midsummer Survival.

Happy Midsummer!

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