Primus Drinking Bottle Wide Mouth

Size: 1000 ml (also offered in 600 ml)
Weight: SS 220 g, Alu 185 g (according to producer)
Price: 170 SEK (Sweden 2013)
Plus: Design, Quality
Minus: Plastic screw thread on bottleneck

The Bottle
One of my favorite drinking bottles is Primus one liter Wide Mouth. I like the size, the shape and the smart lid allowing you to chose between two different openings. The Wide Mouth is offered in two different sizes; 600 ml and 1000 ml. The material options are aluminum (Alu) or Stainless steel (SS). During my adventure JVMS Midsummer Survival I needed a one liter container to collect food and boil water in. Since earlier I've had experienced the Alu-version and I thought this adventure would be a great opportunity to put the SS-version to the test. The bottle weighs 220 g and have a black coated surface that offer a great grip even when wet. The lid and the screw thread on the bottleneck is made of plastic but the bottle and the carabinder is made of steel.

Into the Fire
I know it's a bit unfair to test a bottle with plastic parts when I know I'm gonna boil water over an open fire. But anyhow I want to see how much my favorite bottle can stand. Not surprisingly the plastic thread on the neck melted away when in direct contact with the fire. It's possible this hadn't happen if I'd used a grill or a tripod but on this extreme trip I needed to place the bottle directly by the fire. If the thread had been made of the same material as the bottle this could have been prevented. Despite the melt away the bottle worked just fineto boil my water in and the Wide Mouth was a good friend all through my adventure.

Modified Bottle
I still like this bottle so I made some modifications to it so I can use it on similar future adventures. After cleaning the bottle up I strapped a steel wire around the bottle neck allowing me to attach the carabinder. As a lid I'll use a cone shaped cork or rubber plug. Looking forward to future adventures together with my Wide Mouth.

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