Sporting and Moose Hunting Practice with Sundsta Jakt

Place: Roslagen's Shooting Range, Norrtälje Municipality
Coordinates: Lat: 59.860802, Lon: 18.634691
Time: 1 day in July

Now summer is here for real; August and a new exiting hunting season is about to start. Therefore Sundsta Hunting Club has invited to a training day at the well sorted shooting range of Roslagen Hunting Shooting Club by the beautiful lake of Erken. This is a perfect opportunity to warm up and stretch my shooting muzzles prior to the upcoming hunting season. Therefore I've brought both my rifle and my shotgun to do my yearly moose hunting test and also to dust off my skills with the clay pigeons (truly needed). We are a nice group of people gathered this pleasant day that starts of with some gun adjustments; for instance a new Blazer from Widforss need a test shoot and another buddy checks how his new Aimpoint works. It's really nice to be able to do this type of gear tuning together with experienced friends in a calm and sorted manner before the season starts. Cos you don't wanna lose that beautiful big buck deer on the morning of Friday the 16th just because your gun is jamming.
The sunny day passes quickly cos of fun shooting and interesting talks. By the time the day's last shell pops out of my shotgun at the Sporting course I've gotten loads of good advice on how to improve my shooting from my hunting colleagues and the professional shooting officers. I'd like to thank Sundsta Hunting Club for a well composed day at the shooting range. Now I can't wait for the season to start. Looking forward to the fox hunt I've scheduled one week from now.

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Paracord knitting is getting more popular for each day. It was the US soldiers of world war two ho realized the practical usage of their parachute cords also off duty. Since then the knitting technique has gotten more advanced. Although the bracelets probably is the most popular it's only your fantasy setting the limits. I've seen clever knitting on stuff like knife sheaths, gun stocks and water bottles.

The concept is for the carrier to always have a couple of meters of handy cord at hand to solve situations like when in need of building shelter or securing objects, and of course also looking good in the process. A ready knitted bracelet can hold about 2,4 m (7.9 ft) of paracord holding a load of  about 250 kg (8819 oz). The cord often consists of seven smaller inner cords that when separated can be used as for instance fishing line. So far I've had the pleasure to learn some some simple paracord patterns from ms Jeanette at Nytt, Nött & Sött. And as always; the more I learn, the more I realize how deep one can dive into this crafting - very inspiring.

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The Amazing Summer Colors of Gotland

Place: Gotland, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 57.63851, Lon: 18.28985
Time: 6 days in June

Yet again it's time for Sonia and I to humble take part of the beautiful island of Gotland, this time in company of loved ones. Amazing colors is presented to us by the powerful water, the white rocks and the struggling and proud vegetation. Soothing winds are carrying the ocean's refreshing perfume. As always is the island making me calm, grateful and peace of mind. Of course the camera is filled up with magical moments of nature, and I hope the above pics perhaps may do this beautiful week justice.

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Camera Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP

Price: 1000 SEK (Sweden 2009)
Plus: Cheap, Small, Robust
Minus: Not so good in darkness, Must pull out batteries to charge

Most of my early pics here on the blog is captured with the water and chock resistible compact digital camera FinePix Z33WP from Fujifilm. This is a cheap and easy to use camera of 10.0 million pixels and a weight of 110 g. I've added a more powerful memory card to hold more pics and movies. As I often find myself in rain, water, snow and sweat a waterproofed camera is the way to go for me. The FinePix is a great little gadget but the zoom, battery time and darkness abilities could be a bit better. However I like this camera and it has been a nice partner capturing my adventures the past five years. You decide the quality by studying my blog. Basically all pics and movies published 2009-2013 is created with the FinePix. As of Spring 2013 I use the new Olympus Stylus TG-2.

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Camera Olympus Stylus TG-2

Price: 3500 SEK (Sweden 2013)
Plus: High quality, Extendable
Minus: Don't come with a memory card

A couple of months ago my old camera, Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP, was retired and the water proof TG-2 from Olympus got to step in. As I often find myself in rain, water, snow and sweat a waterproofed camera is the way to go for me. I like my old FinePix but I felt I needed more zoom, pic size and movie quality. I've chosen the TG-2 as rumours say that this is the flagship of it's category; digital compact water, chock, freeze and crush resistible cameras. Olympus has by the older TG-1 and this new TG-2 raised the bar of the category by adding a centre placed f2 lens with the possibility to extend the camera by adding accessory converters (tele and fisheye). The maximum aperture of f2,0 gives better pic quality in dim shooting conditions.

The TG-2 deliver full HD photo and movies. Olympus guarantee dives down to depths of 15 meters (45 meters with accessory underwater case), falls from 2,1 meters and functionality down to a temperature of -10°C (+14°F). So far I haven't gotten any accessory converters as the f2 lens offers both optical (4x) and digital (8x) zoom.

This 230 g heavy camera is almost twice as big as my old FinePix but on the other hand it offers way more features and longer battery time which has given my photos and films an inspiring boost. You can see the difference for your self by studying my blog. In the meantime I'll try learning all the clever features and effects on this gadget.


Typ av produkt Digitalkamera - kompakt
Färg Svart
Sensorupplösning 12 megapixlar
Bildsensortyp BSI-CMOS
Totalt antal pixlar 12 750 000 pixlar
Effektiv sensorupplösning 12 000 000 pixlar
Bildsensor storlek 1/2.3"
Digital zoomning 4 x
Bildprocessor TruePic VI
Bildstabilisator Optisk (bildsensorskiftmekanism)
Autofokus TTL kontrastmätning
AE/AF-kontroll Face-priority AF, AF med motivföljning
Ansiktsigenkänning Avancerad ansiktsigenkänningsteknik, AF med ansiktsprio, husdjursigenkänning
Format för digital video AVI, MJPEG, H.264, MOV
Bildinspelningsformat JPEG
Max. videoupplösning 1920 x 1080
AV-gränssnitt Komposit video/ljud, HDMI
Exponering och vitbalans Ljuskänslighet ISO 100, ISO 800, ISO 400, ISO 200, ISO 1600, ISO 6400, ISO 3200, ISO automatisk
Exponeringsmätning Flersegment, punkt
Exponeringslägen Program, automatisk, öppningsprioritet
Filmningsprogram Landskap, porträttläge, strand/snö, natt, självporträtt, fyrverkerier, panorama assist, natt, sportläge, solnedgång, inomhus, mat & dryck, skönhet, under vatten, makro, snö, under vatten, vid 2, under vatten, vid 1, dokument, snapshot under vatten, hund, katt, handhållet stjärnljus, bakgrundsbelysningskorrigerings-HDR, microscopic macro
Specialeffekter Fisköga, dämpad fokusering, Vattenfärg, miniatyr, Popkonst, stifthål, Punk, Sparkle, dramatisk, Reflektion, Fragmenterad
Vitbalans Anpassad, automatisk, förinställningar
Förinställningar för vitbalans Fluorescerande, solljus, volframljus, molnigt, Under vatten
Max slutartid 1/2000 sek
Min slutartid 4 sek
Exponeringskompensation ±2 EV-område, i 1/3 EV-steg
Objektivsystem Typ 4 x zoomlins - 4.5 - 18 mm - f/2.0-4.9
Brännvidd motsvarande 35 mm-kamera 25 - 100mm
Fokuseringsjustering Automatisk
Närgräns 10 cm
Makrofokusområde 1cm
Zoomjustering Motordriven drivenhet
Optisk konstruktion 7 grupper / 9 element
Filterstorlek 40.5 mm
Funktioner Inbyggt linsskydd, icke sfärisk lins
Kamerablixt Kamerablixt Utfällbar blixt
Blixtlägen Upplättning, auto-läge, läge för avstängd blixt, röda ögonreduktion
Egenskaper AF-belysningsanordning
Avståndsområde för blixt 0.2 m - 7.9 m : ISO 1600 ( vidvinkelobjektiv ) ¦ 0.1 m - 3.1 m : ISO 1600 ( teleobjektiv )
Ytterligare funktioner Bildmatningshastighet 15 bildrutor per sekund (3 Mpix), 5 frames per second for 25 frames
Fördröjning för självutlösare 2 sek, 12 sek
Ytterligare funktioner Ljudinspelning, USB 2.0-kompatibilitet, inbyggd högtalare, RGB primärt färgfilter, digital brusdämpning, datum-/tidstämpel, DPOF-stöd, kontroll för ljusstyrka på display, rotering av digital bild, Bildoptimering för utskrift, avkänningsfunktion för kameraorientering, Stöd för PictBridge, exponeringsmätare, beskära en bild, storleksändra en bild, mättnadskontroll, inbyggd korrigering av röda ögon, APM (Automatic Pixel Mapping), 1 080 p fullständig HD-filminspelning, inbyggd kompass, USB-laddning, inbyggd hjälp, dubbel bildstabilisering, inbyggd LED-belysning, inbyggd manometer, Exif Print-stöd, skuggjusteringsteknik, inbyggd GPS, knackkontroll, Advanced Face Detection-teknik, HDR-bakgrundsbelysningskorrigering, Shade Correction, (iAUTO) Intelligent AUTO, Eye-Fi Card Ready, Smart Panorama, störningskontroll, Beauty Retouch Mode, höghastighetsinspelning, Multi-motion Movie Image Stabilisation (IS), IHS-teknik (Intelligent High Speed), FlashAir Card-förberedd
Display Typ 3" OLED-skärm
Upplösning 610 000 pixlar
Display-egenskaper Inbyggd
Mikrofon Operativt läge för mikrofon Stereo
Anslutningar Anslutningstyp 1 x Hi-Speed USB ¦ 1 x HDMI-utgång ¦ 1 x utgång för sammansatt video/ljud ¦ 1 x likströmsingång
Minneskortuttag SD card
Programvara Programvara Drivrutiner och hjälpprogram, [ib]-programvara
Systemkrav för PC-anslutning Perifera enheter USB-port, CD-ROM-enhet
Diverse Inkluderade tillbehör Bärrem, adapter för växelström, USB-kabel, dekorationsring
Material Metall
Skydd Vattentät, krossäker, fryssäker, stötsäker, dammskyddad
Undervattensdjup Ned till 15 m
Batteri Batterityp Olympus Li-90B
Specifikationer 1 x litiumjonbatteri ( inkluderad )
Specifikationer för batterilivslängd Fotoläge - 350 bilder ¦ Videoinspelning - 2 timmar
Minne / Lagring Minneskortuttag SD card
Minneskort som stöds SD Memory Card, SDXC Memory Card, SDHC-minneskort
Videotagning H.264 - 1920 x 1080 ¦ H.264 - 1280 x 720 ¦ H.264 - 640 x 480 ¦ MJPEG - 640 x 480 - 120 fps ¦ MJPEG - 320 x 240 - 240 fps
Mått och vikt Bredd 11.15 cm
Djup 2.91 cm
Höjd 6.65 cm
Vikt 230 g
Miljöparametrar Min temperatur vid drift -10 °C

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Wood Chopping at the Cabin

Foto: S. Olsson

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Roslagen, Sweden
Time: 2 days in June

This weekend I had a longer hike planned for me and my doughter Sonia. But meanwhile I let my feet recover from last weekend's survival training we instead take on the big pile of wood out at the Cabin. It's high time we attend these birch logs prior to the upcoming beautiful winter. It gets to be two really nice days of chopping and stacking, cooking over an open fire and sleeping under the stars. Sonia had a great time and she's now king on stacking wood and making a fire. I let the above pictures tell you more about our strengthening wood chopping weekend at the Cabin.

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