Camera Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP

Price: 1000 SEK (Sweden 2009)
Plus: Cheap, Small, Robust
Minus: Not so good in darkness, Must pull out batteries to charge

Most of my early pics here on the blog is captured with the water and chock resistible compact digital camera FinePix Z33WP from Fujifilm. This is a cheap and easy to use camera of 10.0 million pixels and a weight of 110 g. I've added a more powerful memory card to hold more pics and movies. As I often find myself in rain, water, snow and sweat a waterproofed camera is the way to go for me. The FinePix is a great little gadget but the zoom, battery time and darkness abilities could be a bit better. However I like this camera and it has been a nice partner capturing my adventures the past five years. You decide the quality by studying my blog. Basically all pics and movies published 2009-2013 is created with the FinePix. As of Spring 2013 I use the new Olympus Stylus TG-2.

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