Paracord knitting is getting more popular for each day. It was the US soldiers of world war two ho realized the practical usage of their parachute cords also off duty. Since then the knitting technique has gotten more advanced. Although the bracelets probably is the most popular it's only your fantasy setting the limits. I've seen clever knitting on stuff like knife sheaths, gun stocks and water bottles.

The concept is for the carrier to always have a couple of meters of handy cord at hand to solve situations like when in need of building shelter or securing objects, and of course also looking good in the process. A ready knitted bracelet can hold about 2,4 m (7.9 ft) of paracord holding a load of  about 250 kg (8819 oz). The cord often consists of seven smaller inner cords that when separated can be used as for instance fishing line. So far I've had the pleasure to learn some some simple paracord patterns from ms Jeanette at Nytt, Nött & Sött. And as always; the more I learn, the more I realize how deep one can dive into this crafting - very inspiring.

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