Sporting and Moose Hunting Practice with Sundsta Jakt

Place: Roslagen's Shooting Range, Norrtälje Municipality
Coordinates: Lat: 59.860802, Lon: 18.634691
Time: 1 day in July

Now summer is here for real; August and a new exiting hunting season is about to start. Therefore Sundsta Hunting Club has invited to a training day at the well sorted shooting range of Roslagen Hunting Shooting Club by the beautiful lake of Erken. This is a perfect opportunity to warm up and stretch my shooting muzzles prior to the upcoming hunting season. Therefore I've brought both my rifle and my shotgun to do my yearly moose hunting test and also to dust off my skills with the clay pigeons (truly needed). We are a nice group of people gathered this pleasant day that starts of with some gun adjustments; for instance a new Blazer from Widforss need a test shoot and another buddy checks how his new Aimpoint works. It's really nice to be able to do this type of gear tuning together with experienced friends in a calm and sorted manner before the season starts. Cos you don't wanna lose that beautiful big buck deer on the morning of Friday the 16th just because your gun is jamming.
The sunny day passes quickly cos of fun shooting and interesting talks. By the time the day's last shell pops out of my shotgun at the Sporting course I've gotten loads of good advice on how to improve my shooting from my hunting colleagues and the professional shooting officers. I'd like to thank Sundsta Hunting Club for a well composed day at the shooting range. Now I can't wait for the season to start. Looking forward to the fox hunt I've scheduled one week from now.

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