Biltema Kevon Tent

I seldom use tents when out in the great outdoors. I prefer to let the sleeping bag and the fire keep me warm at night. And when it starts raining I roll myself up in a light weight tarp. But when up in the mountains (Fjäll in Swedish) it can be nice with a tent when the weather is shifting fast and there's no natural shelter around. During my latest Lapland adventure I didn't wanna bring my old about four kilo heavy 4 man tent so I took the opportunity to try out Biltema's cheap 2 man dome tent Kevon (art no. 37-040). The Kevon weighs 2,8 kg (3 kg according to the manufacturer) and is a two layer tent.

After spending a rainy night in Kevon by the foothills me and my roommate could agree on that the tent did the job well. We didn't get wet from above or from underneath. The tent is quite roomy and I like the "hallway" with it's nice floor. The three bows consisting of several 7,9 mm thick glass fiber sticks hold together by an elastic line could have a better fit to hold together better. The Kevon comes with a lot of tent pegs and I understand why; they bend very easy. The inner "door" is equipped with a ventilation window with a mosquito net. This night the wind wasn't too hard so we'll see in future tent hikes how well the Kevon's thin outer tent holds up. But for 399 SEK I'm very satisfied with the Kevon so far. I'll get back to this post after additional nights spent in the tent.

Size: 2 man tent, 120 cm wide, 205 + 60 cm long, 100 cm high (erected tent according to manufacturer). 50 cm long, 15 cm in diameter (folded directly from the shop).
Weight: 2,8 kg
Outer tent: PU-prepped polyester, 1500 mm waterproof
Floor: Polyten plastic
Price: 399 SEK (Sweden 2013)

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