Brunton Resync and Solaris 12

As you have noticed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I've been more connected during my latest adventures. This is thanks to Brunton's clever power systems Resync and Solaris.

Unfortunately today's smart phone batteries hasn't got such a good capacity, so when out on longer trips the electric gadgets soon die on me. But with a fully charged Resync in my pocket I can recharge my phone, camera or pad several times without having a socket at hand. The Resync can be charge in advance using a socket (ca. 7 h), USB-port (ca. 9 h), car cigarette lighter (ca. 6 h) or during hiking using the solar panel Solaris (ca. 9-12 h). A fully charged Resync can reload a smart phone about 8 times. I like the easy used Resync's handy design; 68 x 146 x 23 mm and 284 g (according to the manufacturer). I've used the Resync also in the deep urban jungle where it works just as well.

The Solaris comes in four different sizes and capacities. I've been using the Solaris 12 which is a light and easy to use panel that at it's best delivers 12 volt and 800 mA. The measures are about 230 x 130 mm (folded) and about 730 x 440 mm (unfolded). The Solaris is very thin and flexible, a smart feature are the grommets in the corners enabling attachment for charging when on the go, for instance on the outside of the backpack or on the snow sled. You can also charge your gadgets using the Solaris directly without the Resync.

I'm very pleased with these robust and flexible Brunton systems and it will be very interesting to see the technical development within the area of battery capacity and power in the future.

A Resync cost about 1500 SEK and a Solaris 12 about 3700 SEK (Sweden 2013).
Below you have some technical specifications I found on Brunton's web page.

  • Perfect for demanding USB devices like tablet computers and electronic book readers
  • Compatible with smaller USB devices like smart phones, music players and GPS units
  • Compatible with Brunton Sync Tech enabled headlamps and task lights
  • Output: 5 volts 2,100 mA USB
  • Input: 5 volt USB or 12 volt DC
  • Compatible with USB-based or 12v Brunton solar panels
  • Capacity: 9000 mA rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
  • Water resistant
  • Durable rubberized shell
  • Power gauge and auto shut-off prevents overcharge
  • Dimensions: 2.7x5.7x0.9"
  • Weight: 10 oz.

  • Also see Brunton Outdoor's movie on the Resync by clicking HERE.

    Solaris 12
  • Flexible high performance CIGS solar cells
  • Multi-section folding panels for ease of storage and use
  • Link up to two or more units together for more output
  • Works in all types of weather, even in low light conditions
  • Built-in blocking diode prevents reverse battery discharge
  • Overall dimensions: 29" x 17.5"
  • Weight: 11 oz
  • Max output: 12 watts (12volts / 800mA)

  • Also see Brunton Outdoor's movie on the Solaris 12 by clicking HERE.

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