Spin Fishing Gräsö

Place: Gräsö, Roslagen, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 60.429077, Lon: 18.401632
Time: 2 days in August

Sonia and I get in the truck and head east for some summer adventure in the archipelago. These are my childhood fishing grounds. Here I learned the basics of spin fishing. I'll never forget when that first pike swallowed my little gold atom lure. Feels great to be back in this place. The weather shifts between cloudy and sunny, the water has a temperature of  +19°C (+66°F)... this is life!



I cast from the rocky shore and immediately a nice pike is interested in my Mira-spinner from Myran, but he won't bite. Therefore I change lure into a Atom spoon from ABU Garcia, but still no contact. So I change back to a spinner, this time a Blue Fox Super Vibrax size 3 and... BAM! here we go! I catch and release three nice pikes. These small crocs are real fun with their feisty temper. 

Good thing I use a short wire on the end of my fishing line. The wire is all messed up after the pikes chewing as me and Sonia pack up to leave Gräsö for now. I'm so grateful to be able to do this nostalgia trip and to be able to show my little Sonia all of this!

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