Exciting Stalking of Magnificent Buck

Place: Långhundra härad, Uppland, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.75041, Lon: 17.91107
Time: 1 day in August

The mystic fog is hovering over the beautiful field. It rained tonight and the wet gras has a relaxing smell. Up in the East corner of the field there's a magnificent roe deer buck pasturing together with his mate. What a great start to this morning. The sun is about to rise. My plan was to be here a bit erlier but the bed was to nice and warm this morning. But now I'm here and I have some exiting stalking ahead of me.

There's no shelter for me to use during this sneek up so I have to rely on my crawling skills over the wet gras to get a better angle on the game. But the perfect wind and the beautiful buck make me too eager so after 30 minutes of stalking I have 100 meters to the buck and my greed gives me away. The Buck starts barking and the only thing I can do as the athletic animals disappears into the woods is to lift my hat of and say; "next time".

Ahh, darn! But I learn from my mistakes. I'm grateful to have been blessed with this moment in life and I hope to meet this buck next time I'm here... And that'll be soon I hope!

After a refreshing morning out in the woods I take a nice picture on my way home; a couple of roe deer enjoying lunch out in a field.  It's a wonderful world we are living in!

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