Croix-Paquet - Nature meets Concrete in Lyon

Place: Croix-Paquet, Lyon, France
Coordinates: 45° 46′ 14″ N 4° 50′ 11″ E / 45.770614, 4.836367 / 45.770614; 4.836367
Time: 1 day in November

When I visit cities around the world I always try to also explore the "wilderness" that can be found inside the city. The subway station Croix-Paquet in the old parts of Lyon is an interesting example on how Nature and City can merge. The station is situated in a non-fancy sloping park offering a suburban and rough feeling with its graffiti and smashed phone booth in a jungle like environment.

The cool thing with this particular day is that I really can see Summer, Fall and Winter meet; yellow autumn leaves on a green background partly covered by yesterday's rain mixed snow.

Visit and explore these, sometimes underestimated, spots inside cities all around the world. A great way to find a moment of peace in your day to day activities.

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The Survival Magazine Överleva - No. 2, 2013

This Spring I had the pleasure of participating in the Swedish Survival Guild's magazine Överleva (no. 1, 2013). In that number I told you about my survival training method JVMS and my plans on a JVMS 6 called Midsummer Survival. The Swedish Survival Guild (Svenska Överlevnadssällskapet, SÖS) has been around since 1982 and the mission is to explore and spread knowledge regarding survival skills and bushcraft.

A new number of Överleva is now out; Överleva (no. 2, 2013). In this issue you can read about how my midsummer survival adventure went. In the same issue you'll find interesting reading about Elina Kekkonen's experiences from SÖS Basic Summer Training, Anna Björklund and Andreas Engholm's report from SÖS Advanced Summer Training 2013 and also Magnus de Besche's story on SÖS brave presence at this years survival competition Porgupohja Retk out in the Estonian swamps.

I'd like to recommend you to visit SÖS webpage and Facebook page for inspiration and contact.

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Kenving Paracord

The Swedish craftsman Rolf Kenving has now also started to do paracording. I've tested two models of these nice bracelets of good quality in material and handcraft. They are made of black and yellow paracord (7 inner yarns) able to hold 250 kg and black plastic quick locks. One nice thing with the quick locks are it's easier to avoid the strong odor a paracord bracelet can get after a couple of weeks of constant carrying. On the other hand a bracelet using a steel shackle can come in handy when in need of rappeling something.
So far I'm very pleased with these Kenving bracelets and I'll get back to you when further testing has been made. If you are interested in Kenving's handcraft; you're welcome to contact me.
Hope you'll have a nice and outdoorsy weekend!

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Föräldrar & Barn - No.10, 2013

The October issue of the magazine Föräldrar & Barn (Parents & Children) is now out in stores. In it you can read an article on Sonia and I. In the May issue I told you about our plans during the up coming parental leave. In this issue I summarize how it went. You can also read a web version of the article by clicking HERE.
Hope you like it.

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