Croix-Paquet - Nature meets Concrete in Lyon

Place: Croix-Paquet, Lyon, France
Coordinates: 45° 46′ 14″ N 4° 50′ 11″ E / 45.770614, 4.836367 / 45.770614; 4.836367
Time: 1 day in November

When I visit cities around the world I always try to also explore the "wilderness" that can be found inside the city. The subway station Croix-Paquet in the old parts of Lyon is an interesting example on how Nature and City can merge. The station is situated in a non-fancy sloping park offering a suburban and rough feeling with its graffiti and smashed phone booth in a jungle like environment.

The cool thing with this particular day is that I really can see Summer, Fall and Winter meet; yellow autumn leaves on a green background partly covered by yesterday's rain mixed snow.

Visit and explore these, sometimes underestimated, spots inside cities all around the world. A great way to find a moment of peace in your day to day activities.

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