Moose Hunting on the Last Days of the Year

Place: Långhundra härad, Uppland, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.75041, Lon: 17.91107
Time: 1 day in December

I'm truly grateful for this Christmas Holiday. It's a privilege to be able to reload the brain and soul after a busy Fall by getting out in the great outdoors. It's refreshing to feel the morning breeze in my face while I'm poring my morning coffee from the thermos. Today I'll be hunting moose, these last days of 2013. The weather is amazingly mild for being this time of the year, but I hope we'll get a crispy and sparkling start to the new year.
Today is a calm day in the woods, only one moose lady wobbling over the mire at lunchtime.
After finishing up my sandwiches it's starting to get dark. Time to go home to the cabin's warming fire place. Thanks for a beautiful hunting day. Tomorrow I'll sleep in without any alarm clock... Good Night my dear friends!

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Christmas Peace, Steak & Survival

As the crispy cold and snow haven't turned up yet here in Uppland I postpone my Christmas Survival - JVMS 5, and meanwhile I enjoy my moose tjälknöl (steak). This time I let the steak in the oven for 17 hours... amazingly delicious, so grateful for this luxury!
I hope you to have a nice Christmas and enjoy these last days of the year by spending some time out in our beautiful outdoors; a great way to reflect on the gone year and dream of upcoming adventures.

I wish you a Peaceful Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

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Moose Hunting on Gålö

Place: Gålö naturreservat, Haninge Municipality, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.11089, Lon: 18.27711
Time: 1 day in October

It's almost a year since I was out here at Gålö the last time. Therefore it feels really nice pulling up by the hunting cabin in the dark. Really a blessing to get to hunt two days in a raw in two different places. Yesterday I was out in Bogesund, and today I'm enjoying Svenska Jägareförbundet's other hunting ground here on the outskirts of Stockholm. I start of in tower 16 that offer a nice morning with some roe deer and low flying swans.

After lunch by the fire I take on tower 3 in the rain. Still very calm in the woods today. But just before calling off the hunt the dogs find some moose, but they escapes by swimming away from the dogs.
Thank you Gålö for a relaxing and beautiful day. Looking forward coming back here soon.

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Hunting Moose & Wild Boar out in Bogesund

Place: Bogesund, Vaxhom Municipality, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.41233, Lon: 18.23497
Time: 1 day in October

It's grey, cold and a nice soft rain caresses my face; a perfect day for hunting! It's really nice to be back out here in Bogesund on Svenska Jägareförbundet's hunting grounds. Today we are out for moose and wild boar. Permitted game is young moose and wild boar yearlings.
After a nice cup of coffee I head out to tower 32 where the show can begin.

Soon I hear huffing and puffing behind the trees. It's two really big group of wild boar moving North. I can't get a clear shot on the right animals among the trees. After a while six new animals come running in full speed straight towards me. I hold my shot this time also, but I have a giant smile on my face from the excitement out in this beautiful forest.
Oopph! ...there goes a nice little roe deer buck. Man this is a crowded spot today!
But the show is still on; a new group of wild boar is now climbing down the hill headed towards me. Perhaps this is my chance.... But the clever small pigs hide out in the bushes not leaving me a clear shot. Haha, this IS a beautiful and crazy morning!

After a short wait I now hear the dog driving something. It's a moose and her two calf way up on the hill behind me. On the radio my friends tell me the animals are heading my way so I get ready. But the animals take of in another direction. Instead I find a couple of magnificent roe deer in my binoculars.

After a warming lunch by the fire it's time for this day's second act. I climb up in tower 48 and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with good entertainment over the radio as I can follow my friends taking down a moose.

After taking care of the calf and three wild boar we are truly grateful for this day.

Thank you Bogesund for always delivering nice experiences. My game observation count this day: 50 wild boar, 4 roe deer and 3 moose.
Now it's time for me to head on home for some sleep until tomorrow's hunt out on Gålö.

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Christmas Survival - JVMS 5

It's time for me to do yet another JVMS. My latest survival training session was executed this summer, called Midsummer Survival - JVMS 6. This time I'll do an bushcraft adventure in the wintertime, called Christmas Survival - JVMS 5.
This holiday, if old Jack Frost arrive on time, I'll spend 50 hours (two nights), carrying only 5 objects when hiking 50 kilometers. Read more about my survival training method JVMS.
It will be interesting seeing how my method will do during winter conditions. This time the cold will be a bigger challenge. But on the other hand I'm hoping for a lot of snow so I won't have any trouble finding water. I'll be operating in the beautiful surroundings of Långhundra härad. The gear I'm planning on using during this little Christmas adventure is the listed below.

1. Winter overall
2. Stockings
3. Winter boots
4. Water bottle
5. Lighter

I hope you'll be following me also this time via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, giving me interesting and inspiring feedback.

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Fjällräven Polar Expedition

300 kilometers alone on a dog slay between Signaldalen and Jukkasjärvi... Fjällräven Polar; an inspiring initiative of the company Fjällräven. Soon we'll see who the winner will be, who will be offered this adventures chance to a polar expedition.
Jenny Widebeck is one of the candidates; a genuine nature lover waiting for you to put your vote on her. So enter the site, read, get inspired and vote.
Take care and enjoy the beautiful winter.

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