Christmas Survival - JVMS 5

It's time for me to do yet another JVMS. My latest survival training session was executed this summer, called Midsummer Survival - JVMS 6. This time I'll do an bushcraft adventure in the wintertime, called Christmas Survival - JVMS 5.
This holiday, if old Jack Frost arrive on time, I'll spend 50 hours (two nights), carrying only 5 objects when hiking 50 kilometers. Read more about my survival training method JVMS.
It will be interesting seeing how my method will do during winter conditions. This time the cold will be a bigger challenge. But on the other hand I'm hoping for a lot of snow so I won't have any trouble finding water. I'll be operating in the beautiful surroundings of Långhundra härad. The gear I'm planning on using during this little Christmas adventure is the listed below.

1. Winter overall
2. Stockings
3. Winter boots
4. Water bottle
5. Lighter

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