Moose Hunting on Gålö

Place: Gålö naturreservat, Haninge Municipality, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.11089, Lon: 18.27711
Time: 1 day in October

It's almost a year since I was out here at Gålö the last time. Therefore it feels really nice pulling up by the hunting cabin in the dark. Really a blessing to get to hunt two days in a raw in two different places. Yesterday I was out in Bogesund, and today I'm enjoying Svenska Jägareförbundet's other hunting ground here on the outskirts of Stockholm. I start of in tower 16 that offer a nice morning with some roe deer and low flying swans.

After lunch by the fire I take on tower 3 in the rain. Still very calm in the woods today. But just before calling off the hunt the dogs find some moose, but they escapes by swimming away from the dogs.
Thank you Gålö for a relaxing and beautiful day. Looking forward coming back here soon.

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