Moose Hunting on the Last Days of the Year

Place: Långhundra härad, Uppland, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.75041, Lon: 17.91107
Time: 1 day in December

I'm truly grateful for this Christmas Holiday. It's a privilege to be able to reload the brain and soul after a busy Fall by getting out in the great outdoors. It's refreshing to feel the morning breeze in my face while I'm poring my morning coffee from the thermos. Today I'll be hunting moose, these last days of 2013. The weather is amazingly mild for being this time of the year, but I hope we'll get a crispy and sparkling start to the new year.
Today is a calm day in the woods, only one moose lady wobbling over the mire at lunchtime.
After finishing up my sandwiches it's starting to get dark. Time to go home to the cabin's warming fire place. Thanks for a beautiful hunting day. Tomorrow I'll sleep in without any alarm clock... Good Night my dear friends!

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