Be Prepared in Your Home

When I'm out adventuring in the outdoors it goes without saying that I need to be prepared for the unexpected. But remember that it's just as important to be prepared inside your home. This can be even more important now as the beautiful but harsh winter finally has arrived. For instance can a shortage of power feel less uncomfortable if your plan ahead. Sometimes when the power of nature sets in our modern society's safety net can fail. If this happens your own safety net is the only safety you got. Below I have gathered some tips that can help you when the unexpected occur; when your house or apartment's electrical supply get cut off during a snowstorm.

- If you own a diesel or gasoline power generator it's a good idea to stash some extra fuel. And remember to test the engine now and then to assure yourself that the unit stays in shape.

- If you get indications on a power shortage coming on; fill up buckets, pots and bottles with fresh water so you manage until the power get back on again.

- If you have a water closet and a bathtub you can fill up the tub with water and then flush the loo by using a bucket. Try to not over do with the toilet paper to avoid clogging of the pipes.

- Keep your phone and other devices fully charged. Perhaps also extra batteries and recharging devices.

- A nicely filled food cupboard is a blessing if you're not able to get to a food store.

- Place a good snow shovel and a broom just outside your door so you can clear your path from snow.

- If in need of special medical products a stash of those could save your life.

- When the cold comes creeping at night; keep warming clothes and blankets at hand.

- If you have a fireplace or a stove it's good to keep old newspapers, matches and a lot of wood within easy reach. Remember to keep the unit in good shape by sweeping the pipes regularly to avoid smoke clogging and pipe fires.

- A portable outdoor kitchen can be of good use if you not have a fireplace to cook on. See to that the kitchen is complete and that you have the right kind of fuel at home.

- See to that your flash lights is working and always keep some extra batteries.

- Candles and lanterns is a great complement to save the flashlights batteries. It's also pretty cozy. But remember; safety first when handling fire.

- By using a small battery powered radio you can keep up with what's going on out there as well as get some good music. Remember the extra batteries.

- Books, magazines and games is a good way to pass time and relax.

- When having toddlers in your home an extra package of diapers and wipes may come in handy.

- Last but not least; an updated first aid kit should always be kept within reach.

I hope the above bullets may be of help to keep you calm and cozy during an incident. To be prepared is a good way to avoid unnecessary panic and turn a power shortage into a pleasant and relaxing adventure.
Be safe.

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