Happy New Adventure Year!

I hope you had a good start to the new year. I'm sitting here by the fire reflecting on 2013. I'm truly grateful for the past year and the great experiences it blessed me with. Of course there was a big focus on doing outdoorsy stuff with kids as I was on parental leave the most part of the year. I got a lot of nice hunting memories and the greatest fishing adventure was Tjuonajokk. I have tested my own survival training method JVMS and there has been some inspiring writing for different magazines. I want to sent a big thanks to all of you that I've had good conversations with regarding knives and axes, you are truly inspiring. I also want to thank and say Welcome! to all of you new followers on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. You are now over 2100 who are following me through my channels besides the blog.

Now we got 2014 and new adventures awaits. For me it feels great to announce this year as the 5th anniversary of Jonas Vildmark, I look forward to what this will bring! I wish you many generous outdoor experiences this year, hopefully we'll see each other out on the trails. Meanwhile; have a Great and Happy New Adventure Year!

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