Team Madagascar Survival Training - Fire & Edge Tools

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Långhundra Härad, Sweden
Time: 1 day in May

Here you have some pics from my latest training session with the inspiring guys from Expedition Team Madagascar. This was an tailored survival training session for Nicklas, Alexander and Albin to develop their skills in making fire. Besides general survival discussions we also covered some edge tool techniques and the safety aspects of knife, machete and axe. Turned out these guys was natural borne survivalists.

The expedition will take place in July this summer crossing the magnificent island of Madagascar by foot. This will be an 500 kilometer long hike through wild jungle and over the Madagascar high lands. The guys want to prove that anything is possible and at the same time bring light to the environmental situation on Madagascar. The island is the 4th biggest in the world and used to be covered by rain forest, today only a fraction of the island's original forest is left.

Now it's also official that the expedition will add one team member; it's Elias that is the lucky one to tag along on this adventure. It's a pleasure and honor for me to support these guys in their exciting project. Looking forward to the next survival training session to drill the gangs skills even further before they leave.

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