Recharge the Batteries

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin
Time: 1 day in June

After a intense period of traveling it feels great to head out to the Cabin together with the family for some peaceful moments. First some refreshing bodywork taking care of the land, then some warm food and coffee on the open fire. Gratefully I stretch out in the grass and look up in the blue Summer sky. My bellowed little Sonia then join me in some calming wood carving.
With the risk of sounding cliche; this is the way to "recharge the batteries"... Thanks for a beautiful day!

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The Mountains of Korea and the Thailand Sun

Place: South Korea and Northern Thailand
Time: 12 days in June

During a business trip I get the chance to get a glimpse of the beautiful South Korea and Thailand. I've been told that the Korean landscape mainly consists of green mountains, and as I'm traveling by car all the way North to South I quickly realize I've heard right. South Korea offers amazingly beautiful hillsides that I really hope to return to for further adventures.
The second part of my journey I spend in the humid and powerful Summer sun of Thailand.
All ready on the plane back home I long back to the magic of Asia.

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Erawan Kanchanaburi

Place: Erawan National Park, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Time: 1 day in April
The warm sun and people of Thailand makes me relaxed and happy. After a couple of inspiring days in the big city jungle of Bangkok it's time for me and my beloved wife to hit the outdoors. Two hours in a mini bus from Victory Monument to Kanchanaburi's bus terminal. After an hour wait a big old bus coughs it's way out to the Erawan Waterfalls. Two hours later we enter the Erawan Nationalpark. Time to hike trough the park's sparkling jungle and enjoy the seven beautiful waterfalls.
As it's a holiday we're not alone on the two kilometer long hiking trail. Many locals go here for leisure when they have the time. The park closes at 04.00 pm so we don't waste time. We hike pretty fast to manage to explore as much as possible of the lush surroundings.
This is a great trip for you who seek an easy accessible jungle but is not afraid of people.
The curvy road back to Bangkok also offer a beautiful and exciting scenery.
I love this country.

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Khao Yai

Place: Khao Yai National Park, Thailand
Time: 2 days in April
After re packing our back packs back home in Bangkok it's time once again to experience the beautiful outdoors of Thailand. Taxi to Bangkok's Southern bus terminal, four hours bus ride to Pak Chong and one hour of riding on the back of a pick-up truck. Then we arrive to the Northern entrance of the Khao Yai National Park. This is Thailand's oldest national park; founded in year 1962, and the area of the park is 216,555 square kilometers.
The road up to the visit center is 14 kilometers long and we start walking South hoping to catch a ride with some one to make it there before night fall. A kind Park Ranger picks us up after a while and we feel the excitement withing growing as we're sitting there on the back of the truck climbing to 1300 meters.

Khao Yai offer many different hiking routs passing water falls and other amazing views.
We sleep in a simple hut without windows and enjoy the sounds of the night jungle.The next day we hike through the jungle and get to experience the rich wildlife in the surroundings.
I truly love the jungle; an amazing place packed with life and energy that we need to protect to keep our planet alive. An overwhelming experience... Thanks Khao Yai!

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Koh Samet

Place: Koh Samet, Thailand
Time: 5 days in April.

After the jungle adventures it's now time for long hikes and relaxing baths on the beaches of the beautiful island Koh Samet.
Taxi to Bangkok's Eastern bus terminal Ekkamai, five hour buss ride to the harbor of Ban Phe in the Rayong Province, 30 minutes boat ride to Koh Samet and one hour hiking later we find a peaceful beach bungalow for the night.
Koh Samet is an island that mainly is visited by locals out looking for some relaxing beach moments. This makes this island a bit more laid back than the average Thai tourist spot.

The next day we rent a small motor bike to explore the small island. The primitive roads gives the bike a good workout and my endurance driving skills is put to the test. When we finally reach the Southern point of the island we get to enjoy a staunching beautiful beach for the rest of the day.
Once back from our Southern excursion we find another bungalow near the water where we stay for three more days of hiking, and relaxing.
A truly beautiful place on Earth.