Koh Samet

Place: Koh Samet, Thailand
Time: 5 days in April.

After the jungle adventures it's now time for long hikes and relaxing baths on the beaches of the beautiful island Koh Samet.
Taxi to Bangkok's Eastern bus terminal Ekkamai, five hour buss ride to the harbor of Ban Phe in the Rayong Province, 30 minutes boat ride to Koh Samet and one hour hiking later we find a peaceful beach bungalow for the night.
Koh Samet is an island that mainly is visited by locals out looking for some relaxing beach moments. This makes this island a bit more laid back than the average Thai tourist spot.

The next day we rent a small motor bike to explore the small island. The primitive roads gives the bike a good workout and my endurance driving skills is put to the test. When we finally reach the Southern point of the island we get to enjoy a staunching beautiful beach for the rest of the day.
Once back from our Southern excursion we find another bungalow near the water where we stay for three more days of hiking, and relaxing.
A truly beautiful place on Earth.