The Buck Premiere 2014 - Blind Hunting Bogesund

Place: BogesundVaxhom Municipality, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.41233, Lon: 18.23497
Time: 1 day in August

Hunting has become a big part of my life. Easy to forget that it's just three years ago I got my hunting license. During this short period my passion for hunting Roe Deer has made this date; the 16th of August, a somewhat sacred day each year... Finally The Buck Premiere is here!

The head lights of my pickup truck sweeps over the dark field as I'm backing up into the woods and turn off my engine. I then get a glimpse of a really nice Roe Deer Buck and his mate out in the dark. I hope I now can reach my hunting spot as quietly as possible not to spook the two animals. This is the hunting grounds of Svenska Jägareförbundet and this morning I'm climbing into tower number 72.
Finally in place I can see the movement of the two individuals; they are still out there posturing. It's now about 04.00 am, it has been raining tonight but it's now starting to clear up.


I let the situation settle while I'm waiting for some morning light to hopefully get a clear shoot. Meanwhile I take a deep breath, smell the summer morning breeze and enjoy the moment. My thoughts wonder off to my preparations up until this morning; for example I've gotten a new rifle; a bargain off the used market, that I now feel confident in after good time spent with it out at the shooting range.
As the light starts to get shootable the buck has unfortunately wondered off into the three line about 150 meters away. I start to call to see if there's some more game around. At once a small young deer turns up to my left hoping to find an attractive female. He gets real close and starts barking at me in disappointment when he realize he has been tricked. I take some shoots with my camera and hope to see this little fellow again in the future.

During this morning I get to see the above mentioned two bucks and five females. Just as I start to pack up my gear the initial buck and partner turn up again among the threes. Perhaps the hunt is still on, if I only can get the buck closer to me out in the open. I call on him but I can see in my hand held binoculars that he's not even reacting to my calls. I guess he is more than content with this majestic female than to come running after my calls.

I lift my hat off for today; a beautiful and exiting start to this year's buck hunt. Truly grateful for the knowledge Nature has offered me this morning I drive home to my family to take a siesta. I again think back on when I started hunting and conclude that it's important to stay humble towards the fact that each day spent hunting is teaching me something new.

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Jonas Vildmark Basic Outdoor Training August 2014

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Långhundra Härad, Sweden
Time: 2 days in August

A beautiful summers morning and I have the pleasure of welcoming a enthusiastic mixed group of guests to the cabin. This weekend we'll run a Jonas Vildmark Basic Outdoor Training; a day and a half filled with outdoor theory and practical exercises. My basic courses are designed for a maximum of four guests to enable a interactive and personal training atmosphere.

We start off with a tour around the facilities, start up the camp fire and sit down to get to know each other's outdoor experiences better. This morning's theory block passes quickly and then we prepare lunch together over the fire.

When we're full we go through different techniques for Starting a fire and test some different tinder. The inspiring persistence of the guests soon pay off and after I know it tinder is lighting up everywhere leaving big proud smiles on everyone's faces.

Pre-dinner we go through the subjects of; Water, Food and Packing. Always interesting to see what everyone has brought in their backpacks and then discuss the big variety of outdoor gear offered today.

It warms my heart to see how interested my guests are when it comes to safe Handling of edge tools. I hope this can help avoiding unnecessary cuts and other incidents that can spoil a wonderful outdoor experience.

We finish off Day 1 with some First Aid and hiking stories by the camp fire before crawling into our cozy sleeping bags.

Day 2 is spent talking Survival and Navigation and when we summarize this weekend we all agree on that time flies when you're having fun, and this makes me happy as I see this as a great compliment and evidence of a good basic training concept.

I really want to thank this weekend's guests at the cabin an wish you all good luck in your future outdoor activities. May all your adventures bring you happy memories for life.

You can read more about Jonas Vildmark's trainings by clicking HERE.

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Living Worlds - Mattias Klum

Place: Stockholm Concert Hall, Stockholm, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.334984, Lon: 18.062865
Time: 1 day in July

When you're in Stockholm I want to recommend you to visit Stockholm's beautiful concert hall at Hötorget. Right now you can  free of charge experience Mattias Klums fantastic photo exhibition Living Worlds (Världar av liv). The event is scheduled to continue until the 23rd of August 2014.

In a interesting, tasteful and important way the show mix the latest statistics from the science world with Mattias enchanting footage. All to highligt the big challange we all right now is up against; to achieve a sustainable way of living that preserve biodiversity and protect the earth's natural environments for future generations.

Thanks for a nice and mind blowing afternoon in the summer hot Stockholm.

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