Jonas Vildmark Basic Outdoor Training August 2014

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Långhundra Härad, Sweden
Time: 2 days in August

A beautiful summers morning and I have the pleasure of welcoming a enthusiastic mixed group of guests to the cabin. This weekend we'll run a Jonas Vildmark Basic Outdoor Training; a day and a half filled with outdoor theory and practical exercises. My basic courses are designed for a maximum of four guests to enable a interactive and personal training atmosphere.

We start off with a tour around the facilities, start up the camp fire and sit down to get to know each other's outdoor experiences better. This morning's theory block passes quickly and then we prepare lunch together over the fire.

When we're full we go through different techniques for Starting a fire and test some different tinder. The inspiring persistence of the guests soon pay off and after I know it tinder is lighting up everywhere leaving big proud smiles on everyone's faces.

Pre-dinner we go through the subjects of; Water, Food and Packing. Always interesting to see what everyone has brought in their backpacks and then discuss the big variety of outdoor gear offered today.

It warms my heart to see how interested my guests are when it comes to safe Handling of edge tools. I hope this can help avoiding unnecessary cuts and other incidents that can spoil a wonderful outdoor experience.

We finish off Day 1 with some First Aid and hiking stories by the camp fire before crawling into our cozy sleeping bags.

Day 2 is spent talking Survival and Navigation and when we summarize this weekend we all agree on that time flies when you're having fun, and this makes me happy as I see this as a great compliment and evidence of a good basic training concept.

I really want to thank this weekend's guests at the cabin an wish you all good luck in your future outdoor activities. May all your adventures bring you happy memories for life.

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