The Mora Knife - A Swedish Classic

The fridge is newly filled with longed for Moose meat, the Autumn rain is pounding the windows and in the hallway my greased boots are resting to soak. Then with perfect timing a new issue of Svensk Jakt (Swedish Hunting, No. 11/2014) arrives in the mail. In this magazine you can read my latest article on our Swedish classic; The Mora Knife. This dear peace of Swedish culture is truly worth acknowledging.
So put another log on the fire, fill up you pipe and relax with a moment of reading about our Swedish hunting culture. By clicking HERE you can download the article.

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Autumn Spider Romance

Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Time: 1 day in October

Just back from the maternity ward the family is enjoying the colorful autumn blowing outside the windows. Days like this is made for reflection and dreaming about future adventures. My little 2 year old daughter comes running to me yelling;
- Daddy, come look at the spiders hugging outside the window!

To my surprise my little daughter has managed to spot two dating spiders just outside our window, this we must see! We get to witness the male courting the bigger female, and as you probably already know a lady spider is no easy catch even if you are a spider Don Juan. A slightest mistake when flirting can result in a dead male.

Today the male manage to win the lady's heart to deliver his semen and even to retreat with his head still intact.

Now let's keep our fingers crossed that the female chooses to use this autumn gift she just received before she shed skin loosing the seed of life. It'll be interesting to follow this drama on our window-ledge.

I give my beautiful Sonia a hug congratulating her to what we just have witnessed. Then I look at my new born Miriam, just three days old, and my heart fills with joy... Life is a miracle!

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