Hunting - A Great Start to the Christmas Holidays

Place: BogesundVaxhoms kommun, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.41233, Lon: 18.23497
Time: 1 day in December

Finally time for Christmas holidays; a beautiful time for reflection. Feels like the ultimate start to the Christmas to head out to Bogesund for some hunting. As always you get well taken care of when visiting Svenska Jägareförbundet in Bogesund. Today we manage to hunt three areas without any stress. I get the pleasure to spend my day in hides; 70a, TK and 32. It's an incredible beautiful December's morning, both frosty and sunny. Today we're out for Roe Deer and Wild Boar. No shootable game show though, so nothing brought home this time. Thanks for a good day hunting! Now it's time to light the fourth candle and start preparing for Christmas. I want to wish you a peaceful and Merry Christmas!

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Wilderness Party - Sonia's 3rd Birthday

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Roslagen, Sweden
Time: 1 day in December

Time flies when having fun... Really flies; can't believe my little Sonia turns three today! To celebrate our oldest child we throw a wilderness party out at the cabin. It's a beautiful crispy December day and friends and parents meet up out by the fire. Time to eat loads of chicken and turkey hot dogs!

Of course we have a quiz hike with questions on stuff like game tracking and game anatomy. After the little ones together with the grown ups tested their skills about Hare, Deer and Fox it's time for coffee and presents.

Proud Sonia happy to take the quiz hike together with Grandma and Grandpa.

We want to thank all guest for helping us making Sonia's day a great day out in the fresh air. It got to be a day filled of playing in the woods, calm parents and rosy cheeks. Hope it won't take long until we meet again out at the cabin.

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Unna Áksu - Karesuandokniven's New Axe - Vapentidningen No 9 2014

I hope the Christmas Spirit is starting to show where ever you are. I'm gratefully looking forward to a simple and peaceful Christmas close to Nature. But remember to take a moment now and then is your Christmas preparation tasks, perhaps read a magazine? Now this year's last issue of Vapentidningen is available in stores. In this issue; no 9 2014, you can read about things like hand loading ammunition, testing of the Ruger GP Match Champion and an historical article on hunters rare choice of hunting ammunition. In this mag you also can read my article on the new product from Karesuandokniven. Since 40 years Karesuandokniven have supplied us with nice knives of Scandinavian design, and now they are expanding their portfolio with an axe, a small axe; Unna Áksu. I've tested this interesting axe and you can read all about it in this article. Please let me know if you have any comments on the article or if you just want to chat some about axes in general.

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