Unna Áksu - Karesuandokniven's New Axe - Vapentidningen No 9 2014

I hope the Christmas Spirit is starting to show where ever you are. I'm gratefully looking forward to a simple and peaceful Christmas close to Nature. But remember to take a moment now and then is your Christmas preparation tasks, perhaps read a magazine? Now this year's last issue of Vapentidningen is available in stores. In this issue; no 9 2014, you can read about things like hand loading ammunition, testing of the Ruger GP Match Champion and an historical article on hunters rare choice of hunting ammunition. In this mag you also can read my article on the new product from Karesuandokniven. Since 40 years Karesuandokniven have supplied us with nice knives of Scandinavian design, and now they are expanding their portfolio with an axe, a small axe; Unna Áksu. I've tested this interesting axe and you can read all about it in this article. Please let me know if you have any comments on the article or if you just want to chat some about axes in general.

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