Fällkniven F1 - a strong 20-year-old - Vapentidningen No.8 - 2015

This month's knife article inside Vapentidningen features Fällkniven's model F1, a knife celebrating 20 years this year. The F1 has already become a classic that I'm sure you in some way or the other have been in contact with by now. The article summarize the knife's history, the design and my opinion about it. The F1 is loved by many and I'm looking forward getting Your feedback on the article. Please let me know if you would like to share Your experiences of this strong 20-year-old.

As you can see on the cover of this issue of Vapentidningen, you also can read about; CZ 75 TS Orange, Rigby and Blaser R8 Long Range. Also check out the inspiring article, written by Sverker Ulving, regarding Karla van Horne and her beautiful leather holsters from Purdygear.

Hope you'll get a nice and quiet moment of reading this weekend. Take care and enjoy

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Survival Training - Fire, Traps & Shelter

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Roslagen, Sweden
Time: 2 days in September

A two day outdoor survival course focusing on making fire, building traps and shelter. The Autumn air is crispy and refreshing this weekend out at the cabin. Looking forward to exercise my axe and knife muscles together with my guests.

After struggling with the wet fire wood collected from the forest; the fire is now up and running, as we sit by the fireside carving and experimenting with different mechanical solutions for our traps.

Traps are a energy and time saving way of getting food in a survival situation, while waiting for rescue. Besides trapping animals for food using the traps; the the actual woodling and crafting of the traps is a good way of keeping the nerves calm. To have something meaningful to do in an extreme situation like this can be a lifesaver as stress and panic is your biggest enemy in a wilderness survival situation. The weekend generates all kinds of traps; fall, cage, pit and snares. Interesting talks on shelter building inspire to creative forest living.

Thanks for a rewarding weekend packed with the calming sent of fresh wood, fire and Autumn. To see more about my training sessions; click HERE.

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Morakniv Tactical & Pathfinder - Vapentidningen No.7 - 2015

The latest issue of Vapentidningen is on it's way out in stores. Intresting reading; two articles that cougth my attention a bit extra is Anders Pettersson's piese on a custom Husqvarna 9,3x62, and Henrik Kalling's article about the longed for Sig Sauer P320. Inside No.7 you also find my article on Morakniv Tactical och Morakniv Pathfinder.

These are two robust knives meant for rough business. Both knives use MOLLE-style sheaths enabling a flexible carry. In this article I've been using Snigeldesign's vest Tactical-10, later you'll be able to read a separate article on the vest.

Hope you'll like this Moraknife article. To get ahold of a copy; visit Vapentidningen's homepage.
And as always; if you have any feedback I'm eager to hear it. Have a nice day.

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Out Looking for Foxes in Bogesund - August 2015

Place: BogesundVaxhoms kommun, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.41233, Lon: 18.23497
Time: 1 day in August

Starting to get darker in the evenings now. Good thing my scope has a good light intake. Tonight I'm out hunting Fox in Bogesund.

So far the season has offered a lot of Fox on these hunting grounds. Especially here at tower number 40; a lot of nice big foxes has been spotted. But as always; when you say stuff like that you get to see all kinds of game, BUT the one you're after. This evening will be a pleasant proof of this.

My game observations for the evening sums up to; 11 Roe Deer, 3 Wild Boar and one Hare. So no Fox for me tonight. But I had a great evening. Always a pleasure to be able to sit front row like this absorbing nature and it's beautiful wildlife. I gratefully lift my hat and refreshed turn back home for some sleep. Tomorrow is another hunting day - another day to learn.

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Jonas Vildmark's Edge and Fire Training - August 2015

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Roslagen, Sweden
Time: 2 days in August

Time for yet another training event held by Jonas Vildmark. This time I'm testing a new concept mixing my two other courses; Basic Outdoor Training and Edge Tool Training. So this weekend we'll be focusing on how to make fire and how to use the saw, axe and knife. And all of this out in the field. Below you'll find some mood pics that I hope will inspire you to some outdoor time.

After testing different ways of litting different tinder a well deserved lunch is cooked over the fire.

After interesting discussions on different edge tools, what to choose and different techniques; it's time to choose a piece of wood and let the creativity flow.

 Photo: S. Landolsi

During the peaceful carving and while enjoying the dinner we get time to brainstorm around stuff like hiking, hunting, fishing and survival. As it gets dark we roll out our sleeping bags and let the beautiful stars rock us to sleep.

After waking up refreshed by the fireside; we make some freshly brewed coffee and take another look at our woodwork from yesterday. There is always some improvement to do, especially when looking on the object in the new morning light.

I humbly want to thank all the participants for contributing with enthusiasm, laughter and interesting stories during these days. I hope my tips may inspire to further creative outdoor adventures together with our friends; the Fire, the Axe and the Knife.

To see more about Jonas Vildmark's courses; please click HERE.

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Buck Premiere 2015 - A Sunny and Exciting Evening on Gålö

Place: Gålö naturreservatHaninge kommun, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.11089, Lon: 18.27711
Time: 1 day in August

Finally the Swedish Roe Deer Buck Premiere is here. The evening sun warms my agog face as I'm out at Svenska Jägareförbundets hunting grounds on Gålö. I'm seated in tower number 13 and my gear are all set up and in tune. There's hardly no wind and the scenery couldn't be better... Life is good!

Around 08.00 pm a small deer female appears in the east end of the field. And as so many times before; the Buck shows up out in the clear about 15 minutes later. He is a big old Buck that gets my heart pumping. I try to call on him to get him within a good range. Although he doesn't seem too impressed with my calls he slowly starts heading my way. He is in no hurry and now and then he stops for some delicious evening snacks from the field. I'm seated about 300 meters from a car road but the traffic is slow tonight.

I sit quiet watching him through my scope, making myself ready for the moment. He's now about 150 meters from me and if this keeps up I've good chances of getting a safe and clean shoot just under 100 meters range.

But then the beautiful Buck twitches and looks over to the road. Something has caught his attention. A unaware bicyclist cruises down the road and this spooks the animal. The Buck takes a few powerful leaps an heads back out into the woods... Silent... A heavy sound from my lips when I exhale... I lower my rifle.

I could be angry on the situation, but this is all part of hunting, especially when hunting in crowded areas like this. It's a blessing to have the opportunity to hunt as close to the city center as this. Every hunting opportunity contributes to my knowledge as a hunter, even if the game isn't put down. It's important to stay humble before what Nature offers me i terms of experiences.

Thanks to all you guys at Gålö. And as for the majestic Buck I can only say; see you around my friend.

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EKA Swede 9 - Vapentidningen No.5 - 2015

Time for yet another issue of Vapentidningen; number 5 is on it's way to the stores as we read. In this issue I offer my view on the latest folder from EKA; the Swede 9. This is an nice and robust EDC with a tactical touch. The knife comes with thumb studs, G-10 scales and is based on the old Swede 92 concept.

Some of the magazine's articles I'd like to highligth is; Henrik Kalling's and Jesper Dahlskog's well made comparison of four different 1911s. This classical gun model chambered for the good old .45 ACP lye close to my heart. A massive test of 16 different rifle scopes is executed by the gang; Erland Gunnarsson, P-O Olsson, Erik Bjälkvall and Elso Olsson. Tobias Hassel has also looked closer on a classical shoot gun; a Merkel 200E from the 1930's.

Hope you'll enjoy the mag and if you have any feedback regarding my blade article; please let me know.

In the next issue (No.6-2015) You'll be able to read my article on the MOLLE compatible products from Mora of Sweden; the Mora Tactical (based on the Mora Bushcraft Black) and the Mora Pathfinder. I've conducted a field test using the knives mounted on Snigeldesign's modular tactical vest - 10.

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Axe Day 2015 in Storvik

Place: Wetterling's Axe Forge, Storvik, Sweden
Time: 1 day in June

This year's issue of the Axe Day arranged by Wetterlings got to be a very nice event filled with cheerful axe enthusiasts and a longed for Summer sun. The event program offered activities like; axe restoration, forging, carving, axe troughing and Tobias Lundgren's beautifully handcrafted canoes. My contribution to the Axe Day was to create an atmosphere of Bushcraft, so early morning I filled up my truck with Bushcraft stuff and head north.

My focus of the day was lecturing on making fire and talk Bushcraft. So I built up a Bushcraft camp where people could gather up around the camp fire to exchange creative ideas, while enjoying the great scenery of the stream powering the forge.

Photo: J. Kriga

So nice speaking about fire in front of such an curious crowd. I showed stuff like; bow drilling, suitable tinder, fire steel, different tips and tricks.

 Photo: J. Kriga
Photo: J. Kriga

Photo: J. Kriga

Warms my heart to see how the interest in Bushcraft is growing each day. I think this is a sign of how we; the modern people, crave for simplicity and history. The enchanting flames of the fire inspired to a lot of great discussions covering deep philosophical questions and what gear to use while out in the woods. Both old and new friends popped by throughout the day. Just to mention a few; Johan Kriga (Bushcraft Sverige), Chris Bradley (New York) and Daniel Aprili (EQUIPT). All inspiring members of the happy Bushcraft family

I want to thank Julia Kalthoff and the whole Wetterling team for a well arranged event. Also a big thanks to all you guys visiting and contributing with your curious questions and generous Woodlore stories. Last but not least I thank the so longed for Summer sun for my beautiful neck tan.

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Spyderco FB33GP Bradley Bowie - Vapentidningen No.4 - 2015

Always nice to sit down for a moment by the treeline with a fresh magazine. No.4 - 2015 of Vapentidningen is now on it's way out to the stores. The mag is also available via Vapentidningen's homepage.

In this issue you can read Lars Hanaeu's article about Bernelli's hi-tech shotgun 828U, Henrik Kalling's article on the classical revolver S&W 12 Airweight and Kevin Robertson's article about the great caliber 9,3x62. And as usual I'm contributing with a knife article. This time I've looked closer on the Spyderco FB33GP Bradley Bowie that just entered the Swedish market. I hope the article will bring you an interesting view on the knife and if you have any questions after reading the article; please don't hesitate contacting me. Take care and enjoy.

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Jonas Vildmark's Tailored Survival Training May 2015

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Roslagen, Sweden
Time: 1 day in May

The always cheerful and inspiring Swedish Adventurer Nicklas Lautakoski constantly has some interesting project in the pipeline. Today he's preparing by taking one of my tailored survival training sessions out at the cabin. It's always a pleasure working with Nicklas as he's a quick learner with loads of curious feedback.

Today's focus lay on survival by using minimal gear. In a situation like that your ability to create fire is crucial. To train your skills and techniques in making fire by friction, using the bow drill, can be both frustrating and amazingly fun.
Tree other crucial aspects we look into today is; building shelter, finding food (fish, hunt and plants) and crafting tools from what your surroundings offer.

We had a great day filled with practice and good conversations out in the refreshing outdoors. If you know the satisfaction feeling when achieving fire by bow drill; then you probably recognize the pleased smile on Nickla's face.

Read more about my passed courses by clicking HERE. If you're interested in my training sessions; click HERE.

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Casström No.10 - A Tough Swedish Forest Knife - Vapentidningen No.3 - 2015

Now the new issue of Vapentidningen (No.3 - 2015) is on it's way out to the stores. Inside you can read about the news from the IWA exhibition, Henrik Kalling testing the Ruger snubby in 454 Casull, an article about one of my favorite rifle calibers; the 6,5x55, by Johan Ljungné and much more.

Blade vise my contribution in this issue is an article about Casström No.10 Swedish Forest Knife; a pleasant bushcraft knife I've been carrying around out in the woods for some time now . I hope you'll find the article interesting.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or input. Always nice hearing about Your experiences from the knives I write about.

Take care and have a nice week.

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