Driving Fox in Bogesund 2015

Place: BogesundVaxholm Municipality, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.41233, Lon: 18.23497
Time: 1 day in March

Time flies when you're having fun; crazy that it's already March 15th. This is the time of year when the Swedish hunting season is starting to slow down. It has become a tradition of mine to participate in the yearly Fox Driving Hunt out at Jägareförbundets nice hunting grounds in Bogesund. For each year I have participated we have become a bigger and bigger crowd. Nice to say that we today are dubble as many as last years hunt. About 60 hunters meet up at the hunting cabin at 07.00 am to get information about today's activities. Today also my 3-year old daughter Sonia join the hunt. She's very exited to head out and is chewing on the morning sandwich meanwhile she's listening to the Hunt Leader explaining the logistics of the hunt.

It's a refreshing Spring day and the sun offer lovely longed for warmth. During our first watch we get to see 14 Deer running over the fields. Some Foxes was also sighted by other hunters, but nothing shot.

It's a very nice feeling to sit quietly spotting for Fox together with Sonia.

Lunch is always a good time when hunting. The sent of fire, coffee and nature mix very well during interesting conversations about what everyone have seen so far out on the hunting grounds.

Now it's time for me and Sonia to join the driving team. I gear up for some serius hiking in steep and thick terrain. Sonia sits on my back and sing to drive the Fox towards the shooters. Myself I use an empty can filled with little stones to rattle the Foxes.

After a bumpy afternoon on my back; Sonia gets fast to sleep. Back at the hunting cabin we sum up the day and take a look at today's catch; one beautiful Fox.

Me and Sonia want to say big thanks for a very nice arrangement by the nice guys at Bogesund. 

My legs is also grateful after this nice workout; crossing muddy fields and thick bush. This got to be a beautiful final to an rich hunting season... Thanks!

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Spyderco C136 Persistence - Joyful Morning Reading In The Spring Sun - Vapentidningen No 2 - 2015

Mid March and only spots of snow left on the ground here in Roslagen Sweden. Pretty cold night under a beautiful star bright sky. A lovely feeling now when the morning Spring sun awakes the forest. In the beginning of next week a new issue of Vapentidningen is available in stores (No 2 - 2015). Besides news from SHOT Show and a historikal look at the W Foerster double rifle, you can read my latest knife article on the Spyderco C136 Persistence. The folder is a nice and sturdy little EDC (Every Day Carry). I hope you get a relaxing moment of reading. And please let me know if you have any feedback on the knife article. Now it's time for me to head out in the woods to fix next Winter's fire wood; a joy on a beautiful day like this. Take care!

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