Jonas Vildmark's Edge Tool Training April 2015

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Roslagen, Sweden
Time: 1 day in April

Time for this year's first edge tool training. After a grey morning the Spring sun and myself welcome today's guests out at the cabin.

It's a curious gang of outdoor enthusiasts that after a short talk on history and tool geometry dive into the woods to fetch their pieces of fresh wood. The mission for each participant is to carve their own spoon. Spoon carving is a great way to practice different edge tool techniques. This course cover the tools; saw, axe, knife and machete.

After lunch cooked on the fire it's time to talk knives; a topic that often lay extra close to the Bushcrafter's heart. We cover different techniques on how to handle the knife and the machete out in the woods, and then we continue chipping away with our woodwork objects.

While waiting for the coffee pot to boil on the fire we discuss different steel and how to sharpen them. At the end of the day we lean back to relax in the sun and compare the different spoon designs produced during the day. The curiosity and good spirit result in all kinds of spoons, ladles and turners made from fresh Birch.

A big thanks to all the guests and also to the amazing Spring sun. This got to be a really creative and peaceful day in the beautiful outdoors.

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