Jonas Vildmark's Tailored Survival Training May 2015

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Roslagen, Sweden
Time: 1 day in May

The always cheerful and inspiring Swedish Adventurer Nicklas Lautakoski constantly has some interesting project in the pipeline. Today he's preparing by taking one of my tailored survival training sessions out at the cabin. It's always a pleasure working with Nicklas as he's a quick learner with loads of curious feedback.

Today's focus lay on survival by using minimal gear. In a situation like that your ability to create fire is crucial. To train your skills and techniques in making fire by friction, using the bow drill, can be both frustrating and amazingly fun.
Tree other crucial aspects we look into today is; building shelter, finding food (fish, hunt and plants) and crafting tools from what your surroundings offer.

We had a great day filled with practice and good conversations out in the refreshing outdoors. If you know the satisfaction feeling when achieving fire by bow drill; then you probably recognize the pleased smile on Nickla's face.

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