Spyderco FB33GP Bradley Bowie - Vapentidningen No.4 - 2015

Always nice to sit down for a moment by the treeline with a fresh magazine. No.4 - 2015 of Vapentidningen is now on it's way out to the stores. The mag is also available via Vapentidningen's homepage.

In this issue you can read Lars Hanaeu's article about Bernelli's hi-tech shotgun 828U, Henrik Kalling's article on the classical revolver S&W 12 Airweight and Kevin Robertson's article about the great caliber 9,3x62. And as usual I'm contributing with a knife article. This time I've looked closer on the Spyderco FB33GP Bradley Bowie that just entered the Swedish market. I hope the article will bring you an interesting view on the knife and if you have any questions after reading the article; please don't hesitate contacting me. Take care and enjoy.

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