EKA Swede 9 - Vapentidningen No.5 - 2015

Time for yet another issue of Vapentidningen; number 5 is on it's way to the stores as we read. In this issue I offer my view on the latest folder from EKA; the Swede 9. This is an nice and robust EDC with a tactical touch. The knife comes with thumb studs, G-10 scales and is based on the old Swede 92 concept.

Some of the magazine's articles I'd like to highligth is; Henrik Kalling's and Jesper Dahlskog's well made comparison of four different 1911s. This classical gun model chambered for the good old .45 ACP lye close to my heart. A massive test of 16 different rifle scopes is executed by the gang; Erland Gunnarsson, P-O Olsson, Erik Bjälkvall and Elso Olsson. Tobias Hassel has also looked closer on a classical shoot gun; a Merkel 200E from the 1930's.

Hope you'll enjoy the mag and if you have any feedback regarding my blade article; please let me know.

In the next issue (No.6-2015) You'll be able to read my article on the MOLLE compatible products from Mora of Sweden; the Mora Tactical (based on the Mora Bushcraft Black) and the Mora Pathfinder. I've conducted a field test using the knives mounted on Snigeldesign's modular tactical vest - 10.

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