Buck Premiere 2015 - A Sunny and Exciting Evening on Gålö

Place: Gålö naturreservatHaninge kommun, Sweden
Coordinates: Lat: 59.11089, Lon: 18.27711
Time: 1 day in August

Finally the Swedish Roe Deer Buck Premiere is here. The evening sun warms my agog face as I'm out at Svenska Jägareförbundets hunting grounds on Gålö. I'm seated in tower number 13 and my gear are all set up and in tune. There's hardly no wind and the scenery couldn't be better... Life is good!

Around 08.00 pm a small deer female appears in the east end of the field. And as so many times before; the Buck shows up out in the clear about 15 minutes later. He is a big old Buck that gets my heart pumping. I try to call on him to get him within a good range. Although he doesn't seem too impressed with my calls he slowly starts heading my way. He is in no hurry and now and then he stops for some delicious evening snacks from the field. I'm seated about 300 meters from a car road but the traffic is slow tonight.

I sit quiet watching him through my scope, making myself ready for the moment. He's now about 150 meters from me and if this keeps up I've good chances of getting a safe and clean shoot just under 100 meters range.

But then the beautiful Buck twitches and looks over to the road. Something has caught his attention. A unaware bicyclist cruises down the road and this spooks the animal. The Buck takes a few powerful leaps an heads back out into the woods... Silent... A heavy sound from my lips when I exhale... I lower my rifle.

I could be angry on the situation, but this is all part of hunting, especially when hunting in crowded areas like this. It's a blessing to have the opportunity to hunt as close to the city center as this. Every hunting opportunity contributes to my knowledge as a hunter, even if the game isn't put down. It's important to stay humble before what Nature offers me i terms of experiences.

Thanks to all you guys at Gålö. And as for the majestic Buck I can only say; see you around my friend.

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