Morakniv Tactical & Pathfinder - Vapentidningen No.7 - 2015

The latest issue of Vapentidningen is on it's way out in stores. Intresting reading; two articles that cougth my attention a bit extra is Anders Pettersson's piese on a custom Husqvarna 9,3x62, and Henrik Kalling's article about the longed for Sig Sauer P320. Inside No.7 you also find my article on Morakniv Tactical och Morakniv Pathfinder.

These are two robust knives meant for rough business. Both knives use MOLLE-style sheaths enabling a flexible carry. In this article I've been using Snigeldesign's vest Tactical-10, later you'll be able to read a separate article on the vest.

Hope you'll like this Moraknife article. To get ahold of a copy; visit Vapentidningen's homepage.
And as always; if you have any feedback I'm eager to hear it. Have a nice day.

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