Survival Training - Fire, Traps & Shelter

Place: Jonas Vildmark's Cabin, Roslagen, Sweden
Time: 2 days in September

A two day outdoor survival course focusing on making fire, building traps and shelter. The Autumn air is crispy and refreshing this weekend out at the cabin. Looking forward to exercise my axe and knife muscles together with my guests.

After struggling with the wet fire wood collected from the forest; the fire is now up and running, as we sit by the fireside carving and experimenting with different mechanical solutions for our traps.

Traps are a energy and time saving way of getting food in a survival situation, while waiting for rescue. Besides trapping animals for food using the traps; the the actual woodling and crafting of the traps is a good way of keeping the nerves calm. To have something meaningful to do in an extreme situation like this can be a lifesaver as stress and panic is your biggest enemy in a wilderness survival situation. The weekend generates all kinds of traps; fall, cage, pit and snares. Interesting talks on shelter building inspire to creative forest living.

Thanks for a rewarding weekend packed with the calming sent of fresh wood, fire and Autumn. To see more about my training sessions; click HERE.

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