Buck Classics - Vapentidningen No.2 - 2016

After an inspiring workshop weekend at the Vildmarksmässan and a short trip to North Africa I'm now sitting in my pickup truck heading down to Ystad Täljfestival for a weekend of workshops on edge tool sharpening I'll be giving. It's a 700 kilometers long road trip and it's time for a coffee break by the roadside. What better to do than to take the opportunity to read the latest issue of Vapentidningen (No.2 - 2016).

In this issue you can find articles like; Testing the new Tikka T3x (Fredrik Odebring), Rifle silencers (Arild Støen) and Magnum Field Shooting (Henrik Kalling). Regarding edge tools I've written an article on the fixed blade classics from the 60's from Buck. You'll get the history of the manufacturer and a presentation of each knife model in this hunting knife series; 102 Woodsman, 103 Skinner, 105 Pathfinder, 116 Caper, 118 Personal, 119 Special, 120 General and 124 Frontiersman. These knives are classics that are here to stay and if you want to take a closer look at them after reading my article I can recommend you to visit Buck Knive's webpage and Fondprodukter's webpage.

Oops! Coffee is out and the beautiful Ystad awaits me; time to keep on rolling...

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