Every Childhood is a Curious Adventure - Föräldrar & Barn No.2 - 2016

I´m humble and grateful to have been blessed with yet another beautiful baby girl. Little Miriam was born about a year ago and now every day is an adventure together with Miriam, her 4 year old sister Sonia and my beloved wife. My parental leave together with Sonia gave me a lot of knowledge about me and my dear family and now I'm grateful for this second parental leave together with two kids.

In the latest issue of the magazine Föräldrar & Barn (No.2 - 2016) you can read my article about what I learned during my adventurous parental leave together with Sonia and my best tips for when taking the kids out into the woods.

It's very inspiring working together with my friends at Föräldrar & Barn and I hope you will continue reading my articles inside the magazine this Summer. You can see my other articles in Föräldrar & Barn by clicking HERE.

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