Schrade Frontier SCHF36 - Vapentidningen No.4 - 2016

New number out; Vapentidningen No.4 - 2016. Inside you find my article on the Schrade Fronier SCHF36. This knife is also one of the participants in my Bushcraft Knife Field Test 2015. I've gotten a surprisingly warm relation to this knife. By now you probably know I have a big fondness for small knives with scandi grind edges. The SCHF36 is somewhat the opposite with it's tick heavy hollow grind blade. I think Schrade has managed to create a smooth giant in this knife and now you can read about it in the latest issue of Vapentidningen.

Besides the Schrade article you'll find a lot of interesting reading. For instance Erland Gunnarsson's tips on how to create better friction on different handles by strippling. Also two articles about two different 1911's; STI-Euro-Guns Spartan (Henrik Kalling) and the Star B (Olle Fornehed).

Pleasant reading my friend and have a nice weekend!

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