Spyderco C41 Native 5 - Vapentidningen No.7 - 2016

Now that Spyderco's 40-year-anniversary Native 5 is about to enter the Swedish market; I've written an magazine article about the Native's 20-year long history together with a review on the lightweight version of the Native 5 (C41PBK5). The article is published in the upcoming issue of Vapentidningen.

Other interesting articles inside this issue of Vapentidningen are; CZ Shadow 2 (Henrik Kalling), rangefinders (Henrik Kalling) and double barrel rifle from Husqvarna Vapenfabrik (Johan Ljungné).
Pleasant reading!

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Coaching and Tailored Training

Let me coach you in your upcoming adventure. My experience from supporting different survival projects and TV shows can be very beneficial to you. When ever you are planing to push your limits, both physically and mentally, it's very important that you are well prepared to succeed. By contacting me early in the game we can tailor your training together. I'll share my knowledge about Survival and Bushcraft so that you can avoid unnecessary pitfalls that I've already explored the hard way. The course is customized to fit your needs, goal and time frame. You'll get the chance to practice your skills in; fire making, find water, building shelter, building traps, to navigate and much more. This is also a great opportunity to optimize and to get acuainted with your gear. Last but not least; we'll build a strategy on how to handle the mental challenges you'll be facing prior, during and after your adventure.

Please feel free to contact me already today, as your first step towards the adventure of your lifetime. Whether you're planning a small hike or a big international outdoor challenge. Looking forward hearing from you.

Photo: G. Denstedt

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Edge & Fire Training with Jonas Vildmark

Place: Jonas Vildmark Bushcraft Center at Lienshyttans Herrgård in Riddarhyttan, Bergslagen, Sweden
Time: 1 day training

Edge & Fire is a combination outdoor course held around the campfire of Lienshyttans Herrgård in Riddarhyttan Sweden. The training is a combination of the two separate courses; Fire and Edge Tools. During the 1-day training Edge & Fire you'll learn how to use knife, axe, saw and fire; mankind's most important inventions. The controlled fire and the edge tools set the foundation of our ancestors development in life that have lead us till where we are today. The one who master these two cornerstones has limitless possibilities in their hands. Edge & Fire is a popular and complete course where you get tips and trix on the subject, and at the same time you get the chance to practice your techniques and skills in a peaceful environment. If you're interested in practicing your Bushcraft skills; we hope you'll sign up for one or several of the course dates found below.

Photo: M. Brodersen

Some of the course content (changes may occur)

Theoretical and practical training regarding knife, axe and saw:
- The history of the tools, Geometry and Choice of tools
- Techniques, Safety and Practicing
- Sharpening. Maintenance and Practicing
- Bushcraft wood carving

Theoretical and practical fire skills:
- The fundamentals, Safety and Preparations
- Tinder, Fuel and Fire Construction
- Lighting Techniques and Practicing
- Practicing and Putting it out

The whole training is spent outdoors whatever the weather. Bring clothes for all weather and also bring your own edge and fire tools, if any (tools for borrowing are available on suite). These one-day course has the same content as our separate edge tool course and fire course, but boiled down to just one day.

Length: 1 day (10.00-16.00)
Price (including VAT): 1500 SEK per person
The price includes; Instructor, lunch, fika, course material and some gear.

Course dates during 2019:
April 23rd
June 19th

To book your spot; contact us by clicking HERE.
To see an example of some of the course content; click HERE.
For more training offers; click HERE.

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Bushcrafting with Jonas Vildmark

Place: Jonas Vildmark's own woods just outside Kilafors, Sweden
Time: 3 days at a time

Are you looking for woods to bushcraft in? Welcome to Jonas Vildmark's wilderness.
On Jonas Vildmark's own grounds you get a great opportunity to bushcraft to it's fullest.
The concept is for you to be able to full out practice your wood lore skills together with the land owner and his consent. Take the opportunity to test new techniques for shelter, fire and if we get the chance to catch any small game; that could perhaps be our lunch. Of course all done with the highest respect for Nature.

We are many who love bushcraft and luckily for us there are a lot of information about forest life to access though conversations, books and internet. But the one thing that truly develop your bushcraft skills are time spent out in the woods.

In small groups we head out into the deep forests of Hälsingland Sweden to practice our woodcraft skills. Jonas is your Guide and if needed; also you Instructor. During the weekend you'll be able to develop and fine tune your techniques and practice on using your tools and gear.

Rough Schedule (changes may occur)
- 12.00, Meet up in Kilafors (Bollnäs, Sweden) before heading out
- Making camp
- Sleeping outdoors

- Bushcraft activities
- Sleeping outdoors

- Restore campsite
- 15.00, finishing up to go home

The weekend is spent outdoors in all weathers. If needed we'll go through you equipment prior to the weekend to secure you have the right gear for the season.

Length: 3 days (Friday-Sunday)
Price: 3000 SEK per person (including tax)
The price includes ground entrance, guiding, tailor made coaching (if needed) and food.
Please let us know if you have any special requests regarding transport and gear.

Available dates in 2019:

Contact us to book your spot by clicking HERE.
If you want to prepare yourself by taking courses; click HERE.

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The Swedish Axe - Vapentidningen No.6 - 2016

Perfect timing!.. After an fantastic weekend at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2016 and some deer hunting the latest issue of  the Swedish magazine Vapentidningen pops up in the mail. This issue feels extra special for us as it contains an article based on our project The Swedish Axe.

Since 2012 I've been studying the inspiring Swedish axe culture. Within the project I've visited the three big live and kicking Swedish axe manufacturers (Hultafors, Gränsfors and Wetterlings) together with the axe handle manufacturer Smedbergs. In this three page long magazine article I summarize the Swedish axe culture in general, the three biggest manufacturer's history and take a closer look at three different mid size axe models. Of course everything about The Swedish Axe doesn't fit on just three pages so also feel free to surf this webpage for more stuff on axes. Also use #theswedishaxe  in social medias to see more. Our courses ofcourse also contain our knowledge about The Swedish Axe.

Besides the article The Swedish Axe this latest issue of Vapentidningen contain interesting articles like; Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS (Erland Gunnarsson), 9 mm Parabellum (Åke Nordin) and the Swedish Armed Forces advanced combat shooting training (Erik Bjjälkvall).

You can see the pdf-version of my axe article by clicking HERE.

To all of you I had the pleasure of meeting in person at last weekend's Bushcraftfestival; I want to send my warmest thanks for helping us creating a memorable and historical first issue of the international bushcraft festival in Sweden. I also hope you all had a great start to the hunting season. Take the opportunity to read Vapentidningen in between your hunting sessions, take care and I hope to see you soon again, perhaps at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.

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